Spotlight On Spin: The Sins of the Press

Sins of the Press

A new Fall film shines a Hollywood “Spotlight” on the Boston Globe’s Catholic abuse story. In his new book, Sins of the Press, David F. Pierre shines a floodlight. CAVEAT SPECTOR This November, Hollywood will be trumpeting a movie called Spotlight, starring Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo, which attempts to dramatize the Boston Globe’s 2002 […]

Saint Padre Pio Priesthood Stigmatized

Saint Padre Pio Priesthood Stigmatized

Padre Pio’s priesthood was impugned by the agendas of others within the Church. His canonization at the peak of scandal in 2002 is a prophetic witness to justice. All eyes are on Pope Francis as he visits America this week to cheers from the left and a sense of discomfort from the right. I still […]

Planned Parenthood: An American Horror Story

Planned Parenthood- An American Horror Story

As scales fall from the eyes of Americans, the demand to defund Planned Parenthood escalates. This modern horror story may be the birth pangs of a moral apocalypse. Post-apocalyptic television shows are very popular in the place where I have spent the last two decades. They appeared in rapid succession. First came the zombie apocalypse. […]

Divine Mercy: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Divine Mercy- The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

These Stone Walls Fifth Annual Stuck Inside Literary Award is presented to Fr Michael Gaitley for The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, and it’s worthy of its title. Late in August, I received an e-mail message from a man who wrote that he first heard of These Stone Walls three years ago when Catholic League […]

On the Worst Day Ever, Who Wants to Write a Blog Post?

On the Worst Day Ever, Who Wants to Write a Blog Post?

An Hasidic high school student in Brooklyn, New York wrote a clever verse that made its way behind These Stone Walls. The worst day ever is a matter of perspective. In the United States, the first Monday of September is Labor Day, the last long weekend of summer. It’s a time for picnics, barbecues, and […]

Are We Alone? Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives

Yuri Milner

  Yuri Milner is committing $100 million to “Breakthrough Listen.” Its ten year mission: to seek out new life and new civilizations, hopefully Vulcans, not Klingons. In my recent post, “Upon the Dung Heap of Job,” I promised – or threatened as the case may be – that a science post was soon coming to […]

Upon the Dung Heap of Job: God’s Answer to Suffering

Upon the Dung Heap of Job- God’s Answer to Suffering

The story of Job and the mystery of suffering have puzzled Judaism and Christianity for millennia, but behind These Stone Walls a clue was found in the night sky. TSW readers, be forewarned. A science post is coming! It won’t be this week; maybe not even next, but it’s coming. Recent months have seen some […]

For Divine Mercy, Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make

For Divine Mercy, Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make

A team of Marian Helpers concluded a retreat behind prison walls using the Hearts Afire series by Fr Michael Gaitley from the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. Editor’s Note: This is the conclusion of a two-part post. Part One was entitled, “You Did It to Me: Wisdom and Works of Mercy” posted at These […]

At Play in the Field of the Lord

At Play in the Field of the Lord

The Saints Prison Ministry sent a Pennsylvania team of ballplayers behind these stone walls. When the Saints came marching in, it was a day that transcended prison.Saints Prison Ministry When a man is sent to prison, the first thing to be checked at the prison door – besides freedom, of course – is pride. Prison […]