For a Captive Audience: The Books of Winter’s Long Night

A Captive Audience- Books of Winter's Long Night

What do Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Danielle Steel, Tom Clancy, and Robert Frost have in common? They all appear in a TSW post about surviving prison with books. If you’re having a strange sense of déjà vu right about now, it’s because you may have read this post before. We needed to post a re-run […]

News Alert: Federal Appeal Filed in Fr Gordon MacRae Case

News Alert:  Federal Appeal Filed in Fr Gordon MacRae Case

The National Center for Reason and Justice announces a new federal court appeal filed by Attorney Robert Rosenthal for wrongly convicted priest, Fr Gordon MacRae. Editor’s Note: The following is a TSW guest post by Ryan A. MacDonald. I am once again pleased to write about a major step in the effort to free Father […]

Msgr William Lynn is Free and a Prosecutor is “Disgusted”

Msgr Wm. Lynn is Free and Prosecutor is 'disgusted'

When the show trial of Msgr William Lynn was overturned, Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams showed his contempt for the defendant, for the Church, and for the law. “Why Are So Many Catholics So Angry with So Many Priests?” That question was the title of a July 2012 post on These Stone Walls. If you missed […]

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: An Amazing Discovery!

Search for Extraterrestrial Life-  An Amazing Discovery!

New evidence reveals an abundance of Earth-like planets, but the search for extraterrestrial life also reveals something wondrous: the sanctity of life on Earth. “Cosmology, theology, history, law: I feel as though I’m in a 30-credit graduate course reading TSW!” So began a recent letter from an old friend, a now retired official of the […]

Return to Downton Abbey: A Feast for Ordinary Time

Return to Downton Abbey - A Feast for Ordinary Time

As the Church Year enters Ordinary Time, the prison year holds it off as long as the food holds out. We could use a bit of help from Downton Abbey’s Mrs Patmore. On a cold late December evening with my nose buried in a book, I looked up to see my friend, Augie, standing at […]

A Man for All Seasons? Pope Francis Left and Right

A Man for All Seasons - Pope Francis Left and Right

After a decade of media expulsion of a Catholic voice from the public square, Pope Francis is on the cover of TIME, but some traditionalists lack peripheral vision. It has been five years, but I still talk to Father Richard John Neuhaus who left this world on January 8, 2009. These Stone Walls is dedicated […]

These Stone Walls at Year’s End: The Hits and Misses of 2013

These Stone Walls at Years End Hits and Misses 2013

Ending a 19th year behind prison walls might evoke far more “Misses” than “Hits,” but that’s not the case behind These Stone Walls as 2013 draws to a close.
 Every weekend, FOX News hosts “The Journal Editorial Report,” a half hour of commentary on the week’s news by members of The Wall Street Journal Editorial […]

Christmas in the Midst of All that Really Matters

Christmas in the Midst of All that Really Matters

At Christmas in prison for the 20th time, Fr Gordon MacRae looks for its bare essentials. Under the rubble of tinsel, noise and haste are the Gifts of the Magi.
 It’s a sign of our times that something as hopeful and wonderful as the daily prison mail call could evolve into frustration. Most prisoners who […]

“Behold Your Mother!” 33 Days to Morning Glory – Part 2

Behold Your Mother2

In Part Two of this special Advent post, Fr Gordon MacRae continues “33 Days to Morning Glory,” an invitation to Marian Consecration by Fr Michael Gaitley, MIC. Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part post. Part 1 posted last week, was entitled, “Woman, Behold Your Son! 33 Days to Morning Glory“ When I […]

“Woman, Behold Your Son!” 33 Days to Morning Glory – Part 1


This first of a two-part Advent post invites TSW readers to “33 Days to Morning Glory,” a life changing Consecration to Mary presented by Father Michael Gaitley, MIC. “Is there anyone in your life for whom you have given up all hope for redemption, for whom you’ve given up any expectation of fundamental change at […]