As a prisoner, Father Gordon MacRae has no on-line access and cannot receive email in prison. Messages are read to him or printed and mailed to him.  Please use the “Contact Form” box below:

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To assist with expenses for the investigation and appeal of the Father MacRae case, checks may be made payable to “Fr. Gordon MacRae” and mailed to this address:

Friends of Fr. Gordon MacRae

P.O. Box 863

Hampton, NH 03842-0863



If you wish to assist with the continuation of publishing These Stone Walls, including domain and hosting fees, telephone costs from prison, and other expenses faced by Fr. MacRae, a fund is available to help with this. Checks to assist with support may be made payable to “Fr. Gordon MacRae” at this address:

Fr. Gordon MacRae

P.O. Box 205,

Wilmington, MA. 01887-0205



The PayPal link on These Stone Walls is active.  If you send funds using PayPal, please indicate whether your gift is unrestricted or to be applied to either the Legal Fund or Support Fund.  Thank you.


The National Center for Reason & Justice provides fiscal endorsement of the Fr. MacRae case.  As a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, The NCRJ provides an opportunity for tax deductible contributions that, if they meet certain criteria, may be earmarked for a specific case. To make such a contribution, please make checks payable to “National Center for Reason & Justice” with a notation that you wish your donation to be applied to the case of Fr. Gordon MacRae.  The address and website follows:

National Center for Reason & Justice

P.O. Box 191101

Roxbury, MA 02119-1101



Gordon J. MacRae
P.O. Box 14 – #67546
Concord, NH 03302-0014



New Hampshire State Prison has radically changed its rules for sending mail to a prisoner. These guidelines should help.

  • No greeting cards of any type, or for any occasion, are allowed in mail to a prisoner here as of May 1, 2015. I can still purchase cards to send out, but you can no longer send a greeting card to me – not even at Christmas. Bah Humbug! The issue seems to be a ban on any paper that is thick or layered such as card stock.
  • Nothing can be drawn by hand on a letter. Prison Administrators explained the new policy as follows:
  • “It is important that you keep in mind that the intent of this is NOT to limit a person’s ability to write a letter to an inmate, but to prevent drugs from being hidden within heavy paper stock or mixed with a fluid and dried on the paper – sometimes camouflaged by drawings.”
  • Photographs and printed material, including printed images, are still permitted as long as they are printed on plain or “photo-quality” paper. Letters, Internet printings, and printed articles are still allowed. So please don’t feel deterred from writing!
  • Though material printed from the Internet is permitted, photocopies of published materials, e.g., from a book or magazine are not allowed.
  • Remember that I receive only the contents of mail and not the envelope. So be sure to include your address in the body of your letters.
  • Mail is limited to 10 pages per envelope, but double-sided printing is okay and counts as one page. Stapled papers are not allowed – even though I can staple them myself in any of a dozen places here.
  • Some readers have sent gifts in the form of checks or money orders with their letters. I am thankful for this as it helps with postage, supplies, even food, clothing, telephone, and other expenses. Checks are removed from mail before I receive it, and then deposited into my account. I am sometimes not aware of a check until I receive a monthly statement. Please never feel obliged to do this, but if you do, remember to mention the check and amount.
  • Please do not use a title on the envelope such as “Rev.” or “Fr.” Prison officials have recently
    refused mail to me for having such titles on the envelope – even though I never even see the envelope. The mail is returned to sender without my even knowing about it.
  • I never encourage use of a title on mail as it calls undue attention to the mail, but now it also
    causes mail to be rejected. In the body of your letter, however, you may call me whatever you want – within reason! Please address mail as follows:

Gordon J. MacRae
P.O. Box 14 – #67546
Concord, NH 03302-0014